In order to build a sustainable future for the community, WESA has specialized in the Power segment including Industrial Power, Electrical Transmission, LPG, and Renewable Energy.
We focus on generating innovative, environmentally friendly, and affordable solutions.

Industrial Power
Industrial projects need the power to maintain safety and high quality. WESA is an efficient, reliable, and innovative solution for a project which needs Industrial Power. We strive to continuously give support to industrial systems.

Electrical Transmission
WESA plays an active role in the segment of Electrical Transmission. We operate, maintain, and develop Electrical Transmission projects by expanding our expertise and keeping a balanced quality and sufficiency. Production and consumption are always under the control of specialists of WESA. 

WESA produces LPG in accordance with the standards, is designed with high safety coefficients and is equipped with safety equipment. Our products are as safe as any other energy source you can use indoors.
You can use our reliable LPG in residences, tourism segments, industrial enterprises, agriculture, animal husbandry, food sector, energy production, vehicles, boats, chemistry, and perfume areas. 

Renewable Energy
One of the most developed sectors of WESA is the energy sector. We are a company specialized for the time being in the Renewable Energy segment based on long-term expertise in the energy field. The continuous growth of WESA in the Renewable Energy sector is based on its well-educated team and innovative solutions. The use of alternative energy sources allows us to reduce the amount of harmful waste thrown into the environment.