Pipe Beveling Machine Project


Statistics show that nearly 33% of businesses in the manufacturing industry also recorded losses caused by material handling inefficiencies. What about your facility? Does industry demand you to modify your production line equipment to adapt to the new production conditions? WESA provides turnkey solutions for modifications taking care of the efficiency, safety & automation. Largest welded steel pipe manufacturer of CIS region, Azertexnolayn LLC, acquired steel pipe production line modification from ø 2032 mm to ø 2400 mm. Increasing the manufacturing capability enhances the company GDP further. In order to meet the demand, pipe end beveling machine of Azertexnolayn had to be modified. Pipe end beveling machine manufacturers were invited to provide the turnkey solution. Due to time constraint of 45 days, and since the project itself was challenging due to the high number of sensitive processes, the task seemed impossible to perform, few global companies stood to bid the project. WESA, the EPC company operating in Azerbaijan, was the only local bidder. 

WESA, that takes care of its customers, offered tailored solution with cost of 25% of the total cost of the machine. WESA Team has shown outstanding performance by finishing the FEED phase in two days, design works in 8 days, procurement phase in a week, manufacturing in 25 days and montage work in 10 days together with commissioning. WESA worked 24/7 in the last 30 days in order to finish the project on time. The most challenging part of the project apart from time constraint was the lack of machine drawings and data. WESA Reverse Engineering team have generated the original drawings and design team upgraded them to the desired product. Calculation team have assured that the servo motor power is sufficient for ø 2400 mm diameter operation and to withstand additional 4-ton load increase on the machine. WESA have lifted the machine 225 mm upwards and provided new adapters for the tool holding part of the equipment. The solution provided was the fastest and the most flexible one for this project.

Now, Azertexnolayn is manufacturing ø 2400 mm pipes which meet international standards. These pipes will be sent to Karabakh for the purpose of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the region. Karabakh is a sensitive spot for all, since it has been occupied for 30 years. In response to yet another attempt at military aggression by Armenia, Azerbaijan’s Army launched a counterattack and, as a result of the 44-day Patriotic War, managed liberate the occupied territories in 2020. As WESA, we feel highly proud to be involved in the re-blooming process of Karabakh one more time.